Saturday, March 1, 2008

Petition / My Turn to Win - 2.29.08

Lunt Hall, Haverford College

I was glad to see that there was a show going on at Haverford. Even if these bands aren't really my particular style of hardcore/punk, it's nice to have a show within walking distance of my house. I didn't get to walk to this since I was coming after the show in West Chester, but hopefully more of these happen.

I got to this pretty late, and actually expected it to be almost over, but at about 10:30 I figured I could catch the end. Turns out that neither MTTW or Petition had played, so I was in luck. Two shows in one night and getting to see another set of friends play...awesome.

This was my first time seeing MTTW with the new lineup, and it was definitely the best yet. I've told Dave this before, but I've seen them play some pretty sketchy shows, and I was always trying to figure out who the weak link was. But seeing them with two guitarists, and a tighter rhythm section was good. Dave's voice sounded strong, although the PA was pretty low in the mix, and two guitars really makes them sound a ton fuller. I hadn't heard much of the new demo, but I assume that's what they played a lot of, or songs from the upcoming full length. I didn't notice much from the earlier demos, aside from a song or two. They also did their cover of "Ready to Fight," which freaked out a lot of the Haverford kids who wandered down and weren't really sure what was going on. Plus, Jess bled. A lot.

After a delay that was way too long, Petition got started. Straight edge. Sweet. This was especially awesome, considering the amount of drunk Haverford goobers, and "pigs" smoking inside. While I'm not too into this style of hardcore, as I said above, they sounded good and were definitely energetic. Highlights of their set include Josh giving a fuck you to the aforementioned pigs, Josh falling down while trying to jump, Dan Yost casually sipping on a straw in his milkshake with an absurd mustache, and closing with a Texas is the Reason cover ("Back and to the Left").

Not my particular style of punk/hardcore, but it was definitely fun to see some friends play in a new venue, which was pretty sweet and close to home. Good times.

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