Saturday, August 2, 2008

Metroplex / Restorations - 7.29.08

The Khyber

Since Restorations consists of a bunch of dudes without cars, it became my job to work as the Restorations tour van for the night. So, I picked Mike up, and we loaded a ton of gear into my car and headed down to the Khyber to unload. After I parked my car and picked Heather up from the train station, I was stoked to see that Restorations added us to the guestlist and I didn't have to pay! Sweet, thanks guys!

At right around 8:30, they started up. I moved back a little bit farther from the stage this time, since the sound at the last show was a little off. Moving back allowed me to hear them more, and get a better feel for the sound, as compared to the first show. They sounded surprisingly tight, considering they haven't really been able to practice as much as they should due to Mike's messed up hands. Despite that, they were tight and pretty on point. There were a few missteps along the way, but nothing glaring. Jon sang more than I thought he did at the first show, but he seemed more comfortable playing guitar and singing this time around (up until the ending of the last song!). It was a nice second show for these guys, and people seemed to be into them. Hopefully they get some recordings done soon, although with Mike's hands, and Jena Berlin going to Europe for a few weeks, I'm not entirely sure when we'll see these.

During Generro, Heather and I ran to get food, so I can't really give a review of them. Metroplex played third, in a rare live show for them, but at least in the common setting of the Khyber. I came in partway into their set, and enjoyed it as usual. I've only seen them a few times, but they're always energetic and fun to watch. I kind of wish they would play more or take the band a bit more seriously, because there aren't too many bands doing that kind of sound around here. They're scratchy and fast at times, but slowed down and full of slick guitar work at others. I've heard them do a solid Jawbreaker cover once before, but not on this night. Instead, they opted for a Hot Snakes cover. They sound full for a three piece. Part of that is due to a thickly distorted bass sound, and the rest is due to their guitarists pretty unique style, which I like a lot. All in all, a good showing for this band who I wish I heard more from.

Person L played last, which is the new solo-ish project from Kenny of the Starting Line, and I can't say that I was overly interested, so I walked Heather to catch a train back, then got some pizza with Mike and Steve Vainberg. Good dudes, good times. As soon as Person L was done a very bloated set, I ran to grab my car, and helped to load out Restorations gear. They're playing the Khyber again with Weston in about a month, which should be fun. Come on out!

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