Sunday, September 21, 2008

Banner Pilot - Resignation Day

Banner Pilot - Resignation Day
Go-Kart Records

In the review of the Monikers full length (below!), I referenced the split between them and Banner Pilot. I was more impressed with the two Banner Pilot songs on that 7", and that carried over to the debut full lengths from those bands. Resignation Day is a solid debut full length that shows a lot of energy and excitement from this Minneapolis pop punk band.

Saying Minneapolis should give at least some indication of where these guys are coming from, as that D4/OWTH sound is pretty pervasive on this record. Of course, Banner Pilot shares a member with Off With Their Heads, so this isn't too surprisingly. Musically, it's similar, but Banner Pilot has a slicker, more polished feel to it. It's still gruff, scratchy, and undeniably pop punk, but the thick guitars and upbeat drums give it a slightly cleaner feel than OWTH, or split-mates Monikers.

If I had one gripe about this release, it's that it's not out on vinyl yet, and I have yet to hear any plans for it's release. That said, it's a minor complaint for a solid debut. If you're into the aforementioned Minneapolis sound, or bands like Lawrence Arms or even Jawbreaker, Banner Pilot is definitely a band worth checking out. Their split with Monikers was a great introduction, and this debut full length has been getting a lot of play from me. I can't wait to check em out at Fest this year!

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