Friday, October 17, 2008

Revival Tour Sendspace

Someone posted a torrent of this show out on the interweb, but it was FLAC. A friend of mine downloaded it and converted it for me. I haven't even listened yet, so I'm not sure on quality, but check it out.

Set list is from the torrent's info page. Seems pretty accurate, to the best of my recollection.


01. Intro>
02. Tim Barry-Shoulda Oughta
03. Chuck Ragan-Do You Pray
04. Jon Gaunt-Fiddle solo
05. Ben Nichols-Last Night In Town
06. Jesse Malin-Russian Roulette {Lords of the New Church cover}
07. Jesse Malin-Wendy
08. Jesse Malin-Leaving Babylon {Bad Brains cover}
09. Jesee Malin-Megan Don't Know
10. Jesse Malin-Black Haired Girl
11. Jesse Malin-Bastards of Young {Replacements cover}
12. Jesse Malin-Brooklyn
13. Jesse Malin-You Can Make Him Like You {Hold Steady cover}
14. Tim Barry-Exit Wounds
15. Tim Barry-On and On / Dog Bumped (part 1)
16. Tim Barry-Dog Bumped (part 2)
17. Tim Barry-Wait at Milano
18. Tim Barry-Avoiding Catatonic Surrender (part 1)
19. Tim Barry-Avoiding Catatonic Surrender (part 2)
20. Tim Barry-Church Of Level Track
21. Ben Nichols-Nights Like These
22. Ben Nichols-When You Decided to Leave
23. Ben Nichols-I Can Get Us Out Of Here
24. Ben Nichols-Toadvine
25. Ben Nichols-San Francisco
26. Ben Nichols-Hate and Jealousy
27. Ben Nichols-Nobody's Darlings
28. Ben Nichols-What are You Willing to Lose
29. Ben Nichols-The War / The Last Pale Light In The West
30. Chuck Ragan-California Burritos
31. Chuck Ragan-Between The Lines
32. Chuck Ragan-Don’t Cry
33. Chuck Ragan-It’s What You Will (part 1)
34. Chuck Ragan-It’s What You Will (part 2)
35. Chuck Ragan-Open Up And Wail
36. Chuck Ragan-Bleeder (Alkaline Trio)
37. Chuck Ragan-Geraldine
38. Chuck Ragan-The Boat
39. Chuck Ragan-God Deciding (Hot Water Music)
40. Chuck Ragan-Symmetry
41. Chuck Ragan-Bloody Shells
42. Chuck Ragan-For Broken Ears (w/Dave Hause [from the Loved Ones])
43. Ben Nichols-Hold Fast
44. Tim Barry-Idle Idylist
45. Chuck Ragan-Revival Road

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