Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fake Problems - Viking Wizard Eyes Wizard Full of Lies

Fake Problems - Viking Wizard Eyes Wizard Full of Lies
Good Friends Records

Fake Problems is one of those bands that I really want to like. The ties to Gainesville punk rock, the steady stream of energetic live shows, and the constant touring make them appealing. Not to mention the fact that everyone deems them as so honest and hardworking. Unfortunately, their critically heralded debut, How Far Our Bodies Go, did very little for me. I gave it a few spins, found myself unimpressed, and have pretty much written them off ever since.

Their new 7", Viking Wizard Eyes Wizard Full of Lies, has done very little to change my mind. This record is three songs, all named after Blink 182 songs, with a folk punk feel. What makes this record a bit different from the full length is that it's a bit more southern feeling, as opposed to a seemingly generic folk punk record. The first and third tracks have a good amount of extra instrumentation. As a matter of fact, I'd say that I actually really like the organ on "Adam's Song," as well as the banjo on "Wendy Clear."

Despite their growth, and slight stylistic shift, I find myself really struggling to find something that really grabs me with this band. The vocals seemed forced. It's almost as if he's just trying to put the rasp in his voice, and trying for a southern twang, which to me just seems forced. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's not for me.

People seem to like Fake Problems, and they seem to be growing on each tour, so good for them. I just have yet to hear anything to really back up the hype.

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