Sunday, February 17, 2008

Title Fight - Kingston

Tight Fight - Kingston
Flight Plan Records

Title Fight definitely isn't reinventing the wheel on their newest 7". You've already heard what these young kids are doing, and if you were going to shows in the late 90s or early 2000s, you saw a LOT of bands doing it. You know, lyrics about girls, octave leads over catchy choruses, and hardcore influenced breakdowns. Title Fight would have fit right in on Vagrant or EVR in 2001.

What makes Title Fight different? Well, they're good. REAL good. Unlike a lot of the Saves The Day clones of the early 2000s, Title Fight shows tight-as-hell musicianship and creative songwriting to really set them ahead of the pack, especially considering they're young as hell. Not afraid to drastically shift tempos on a dime, or throw a curve into a stale formula, this three song 7" is a really impressive effort for these kids.

"Loud and Clear" really stands out to me as the best song on this record, with a memorable lead intro, and slightly off-key, but melodic vocals. New, creative parts come out of nowhere before even more gruff vocals come in, which add a nice touch. Then, out of nowhere, the song slows down and really calms down, with a bass line that wouldn't sound out of place on Jawbreaker's Dear You. The ending vocals are buried a bit in the mix, and add a nice dynamic.

"Youreyeah" is a strong closing track, and is a bit more straightforward than "Loud and Clear," but this doesn't mean it's not impressive. Then ending breakdown/outro would fit right in on Jersey's Best Dancers.

Kingston is an impressive batch of songs for a group of young kids, and shows that not only are they talented musicians, but they have a knack for writing catchy, but unique songs that can deviate from standard emotional pop punk structures and cliches.

Pick this record up so Bill, the mastermind behind Flight Plan Records can go buy some Checkers. Or put it towards his new record store in Old City, coming soon.


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