Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Algernon Cadwallader / Big Attack / Young Hearts / Let Me Run / Title Fight - 7.27.08

Party Mansion

After a day of dudes being dudes, Mike, Kev and I showed up at Party Mansion in time to run to the little Asian convenience store and get some Hanks Root Beer and love life. We got back to the show and Title Fight started up. I reviewed their newest 7" earlier this year, and it's still standing up as one of my favorite EPs of the year so far. They didn't disappoint live either. After opening with a Sunny Day Real Estate intro, they went straight into "Memorial Field" from the 7". I was glad to see that they were energetic and really into their music. The bassist was bouncing all over the little basement, and the guitarists were spot on and into it as well. All three songs from Kingston were played, as well as a few songs from their split with Erection Kids and one new song. After putting out such a great record, it's good to see that these dudes can bring it live too.

Let Me Run played second, and while they were tight, something about them didn't entirely click for me. They were a very slick punk rock sound, verrrry similar to Fallen From the Sky. It's not that I didn't like them, but I feel like that whole sound is kind of a waste. You have a singer with a decent, husky voice, but your music is so precise and clean sounding that it loses a lot of it's impact.

After a quick break, Young Hearts were next to play, and I was excited to see them, since I've been listening to their Myspace songs a bit lately. They played a handful of songs that I recognized, and played really well. They have that Red Leader/Nww Brunswick sound, and it makes sense that they're on that label, and tour with a lot of the bands that they do. They have a sort-of scratchy pop punk sound, with a bit of indie influence, with rhythms that shift pretty quickly. They trade off vocals well, and lead lines mix up nicely. On top of that, you can tell they have fun playing live, and put a lot of energy into their performance. I would definitely go check them out again, although at times I think their songs are a bit too long.

Bit Attack played next. I watched two or three songs before going to get an Arizona tallcan and a bag of Skittles. I'm pretty sure their singer switched on a fake accent as soon as their set started, and their guitarist played the first three songs leaning against the wall looking bored. Really? They also claimed to be from "New Palestine" when their Myspace most clearly says Philadelphia.

At a shockingly normal hour, Algernon Cadwallader started up with their set of Kinsella inspired indie rock. As usual, they put on an enteraining, energetic set with a nice list of songs from their new LP, which they had with them. While I don't love this band as much as other people seem to, I do always love seeing them live. They were only a three piece for this show, but they all seemed to have a blast, as they always do. For anyone unfamiliar with this band, due to Peter's voice, they get a ton of Cap'n Jazz comparisons, which I think is still pretty accurate beyond that. But they also have a great deal of complex guitar lines, very similar to those of American Football, or even Minus the Bear. Tank, their new drummer, fit right in seemlessly, and sounded good. I didn't get a chance to pick up their LP (spending too much on records lately!), but I will soon, and I'll get it reviewed up here on the blog. It seems to be getting a lot of love from friends and the whole damn internet, so I'll get it up here soon. Below are a few pics from the show that I've found on the internet. Fun times.

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