Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alison Ranger - s/t demo

I figured in an attempt to liven things up, I'll start uploading older albums that I loved and that still hold up now. The first is the demo from Alison Ranger. Alison Ranger was a screamy emo band from West Chester, PA. I saw this band a handful of times, and they never disappointed live. This is their first demo, which they put out themselves in a decent looking packaging, which I've since lost. They used to have really fun shows at the bassists house and brought in screamo bands from all over the country, as well as some awesome locals. Not to mention they would take a lot of the door money and go buy pizza for everyone! Sick. But I digress. Six songs of screamo with keyboards used fairly tastefully and a drummer who seemed to be playing a fill constantly. They also had a full length titled Formula Imperative on Creep Records, which I'll up if there's interest. In the meantime, check this record out.


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d00maz said...

link is dead, can you reupload?