Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cloak/Dagger / Affirmative Action Jackson - 4.25.08

Deep Sleep

Despite being a kinda shitty, rainy night, I met up with some friends for pizza beforehand, and then headed over to Deep Sleep for my second Cloak/Dagger show in four days. Deep Sleep has had some pretty killer shows, and this would be my second time seeing AAJ there. This was my first show in the basement there, and it's a pretty solid show space.

There was a bit of a delay in the 7:30 start time, but that was for the better as it allowed for a lot of pretty awesome people to show up. Heather got there a bit late after a final, and I got to see some friends that I haven't seen as much as I'd like to lately. So, as much as I didn't really feel like waiting around on a Monday night, it ended up being a fun time.

Philly's favorite thrashy hardcore/joke band played first, and killed it. The last time I saw them was at the Fest, and it actually their last show. They made mention of it being their last show, and that they haven't even practiced since then. Andy and Josh attempted that afternoon, but gave up quickly, deeming it worthless. They must have been right, because they slayed it. The set was short and quick, but filled with the typical AAJ between song banter. Multiple references were made to Josh's cell phone set list, as well as mocking the "individualized street wear" sold at Deep Sleep, and emails chastising their Nikes. Always hilarious, and tight as usual. They played a lot of the songs they've been playing for years, and ended with two songs from the Sound of Failure split, which they are still selling, as well as Toshi t-shirts. Swish.

Since the bands were sharing cabs, after drums were set up, Cloak/Dagger started pretty quickly. They came out raging with a pretty similar set to Friday night in Doylestown, but they actually seemed even more energetic. Jason was bouncing all over the place with the mic on the stand, and about halfway through took it off. The set was going great, but came to a fairly abrupt halt when Colin's amp or guitar started causing all kinds of problems. Luckily, while trying to solve all of this, Mike from The Loved Ones entertained everyone with jokes. Interesting to say the least. After switching guitars, amps, and cords, The Daggers finally got going again and launched into two more songs...until the snare drum gave way and they called it quits. I'm glad I got to see them for again so quickly, as their sets keep getting better and more energetic. They also had the new 7" with them, but unfortunately they're still waiting on the LP version of We Are. Hopefully they'll be around again soon and they'll have it with them.

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