Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Super Hi-5 - 9.21.99

Asscard Records

9.21.99 was a vinyl only 10" on Asscard Records from Germany and was only available for a short time in the US. Years ago, after the Creep Store closed, I used to stop by the Creep house to pick up records. I happened to stop by one afternoon and Arik had just gotten this box in from Germany, and I immediately snagged one, despite only being able to use my dad's record player. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite Super Hi-5 records, and I'm glad to finally have a decent rip of it. 10 songs, many of which went on to be on their final release Songs for Working, as well as a Leatherface cover. This was a nice step of them. Arik's voice was getting better and better with each release, and Sid still sounded gruff and husky. The musicianship was a step up, and hugely dynamic and this release even experimented with new instrumentation. The use of a Fender Rhodes electric piano added a bit of extra melody that wasn't really on earlier releases. Listen and enjoy. Thanks to Dave Jannes for the rip of this.


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