Friday, June 6, 2008

Braindead - No Consequences

Braindead - No Consequences
Burn Bridges Records

It's no secret that I think Braindead is one of the best hardcore bands in the Philly area. They've come along way over the last few years, and with a steady lineup, I think they're ready to get the respect the really deserve. Their first demo 7" was solid, and showed a lot of promise, and their split with Blackbirds really impressed me. I've been anxiously awaiting a full length, and a few weeks ago, Stevie sent me the mp3s of this. It's been in pretty heavy rotation since then, and is now out on CD and the LP is available for pre-order.

No Consequences starts with an ambient opener that really reminds me of the first song on Fairweather's Lusitania. Spacey, yet building, and a perfect taste of the new sound of Braindead. The second track, "Sure is Lonely Down Here" almost seems like an extension of the opener, as it never really develops into it's own song. It's 1:40, but doesn't stick out for me aside from the first few lines, so I kind of look at it as an intro. Following this, the songs really start to come together and a lot of growth is shown. "Guilt and Shame" is redone from the demo and sounds a lot more powerful, even without Perry doing a guest spot.

The middle of this album is so strong it's unreal. "Presented In" picks up where the intro left off and has a slow, plodding end with spacier guitars that lead into "So Single." This may be my favorite song on the entire record, and the guest vocals by Jon Loudon at the end are the huskiest his voice has ever sounded. "Dear Alison" is a great musical interlude that really shows how Braindead is pushing themselves and stepping outside of what is expected from a typical hardcore band. These three songs in a row are really strong and keep the album from falling into a lull throughout the middle.

"A Wake For a Dream" is a 6+ minute closer that ends much the same as On The Might of Princes album Where You Are.... Just like the OTMOP record gets louder, the No Consequences builds, the song distorts, and eventually breaks up, with little holding it together other than the guitar lead that sneaks through. I'm not a huge fan of how abruptly the ending cuts off, but I think it's a nice touch to the record.

Hopefully this record will give the guys in Braindead the success they deserve, and people really give this band the attention they deserve. With a killer LP, a lineup that seems more solid, and a lengthy summer tour schedule planned, this seems likely.

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