Sunday, June 8, 2008

Farside - The Monroe Doctrine

Revelation Records

I have no idea why my friend Bill picked this record up while we were in high school, but I'm glad it did because it really opened up my eyes to some other stuff. It got me out of a "punk rut" that I was in at 16 and really helped usher me into the Revelation "emo" sound. Bill was one (and may still be) one of those kids that loved to skip around records. Because of that, we only ever listened to a handful of songs from this record whenever we were in his car. However, those three or four songs are definitely some of the stronger songs on this record. "Moral Straightjacket," "I Hope That You're Unhappy," and "The Slowdance" were full of emotion, and not in a way I'd really embraced before. They almost sounded like they could be radio rock hits, but at the same time, there was an aggressive edge to it and heavier guitars.

Now, while I really like this record, towards the middle, it kind of takes a strange turn and loses me for a bit. A "joke" song, a few forrays into cheesy metallic guitars, and thrash-ish crossover song make the middle of the album worthy of a few skips, but even despite all that, there are a solid 10-12 awesome songs that make this record worth listening to, especially if you've never listened to it.


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ahabs_revenge said...

Totally agree that this album takes some strange turns, 'better than crying', 'my man harvey milk', & 'moral straightjacket'(my fav)are solid emo-anthems. But there are some really odd songs that seem totally out of place. I cant count the number of times i get too track 8 and go "SKIP!".