Friday, June 13, 2008

Interview - Jon Nean (Blacklisted)

I first met Bean when he was playing with No Roses, who I absolutely loved. When they broke up, he was playing bass for Blacklisted, and then eventually moved over to guitar. I was glad to hear Bean writing riffs again, and frankly, this new era of Blacklisted is by far my favorite and they're rising to the top of the hardcore crop. Between their crazy tour schedule, Bean dropped me an email with these answers.

1. Ok, you have friends in from out of town. What five places in Philly do you take them?
The first place i usually have to take people is the Art Museum steps.(not my choice) Rise and Fall from Belgium has requested that trip more than once. The second place would have to be Kims at Kensington and Ontario to get a haircut. Third would be Govindas for a swell veggy lunch. Fourth would be Chinks on Torresdale ave for all the meat eaters and seekers of authentic Philly cheesesteaks. Last but not least would have to combine two favorites since they are both close in proximity and near and dear to my heart: Santucchis Pizza and than the Philadelphia Water Ice Factory at Frankford and Castor.

2. Favorite venue in Philadelphia to play? Favorite to see a show?
The First Unitarian Church since The Killtime and Stalag no longer exist. My favorite place to see a show is the same answer. Doing flips off the PA speakers and not getting kicked out...

3. Favorite all-time show(s) you've seen in Philly?
No particular order: AN at The Killtime. Subhumans in The Conflict House basement. The first time H20 played the Church with Crown of Thorns. Oxymoron at the Rotunda. Walking Concert at the Khyber. Little League/Rival Schools at The Pontiac Grill. I could go on for days.
Philadelphia has had so many great bands/artist come through.

4. Top current Philadelphia area bands?
Paint It Black
Let Down
Brain Dead

5. Top all-time Phiadelphia area bands?
Ink And Dagger
Kid Dynamite

6. What records are you loving right now? (Not just Philly bands)
NMH - On Avery Island
Baroness - Red Album
Paint It Black - New Lexicon
Let Down - We're in This Alone
The Flaming Lips - Transmissions From The Satellite Heart

7. Best food in Philly. Which is your top spot for each?
I guess i answered most of these in the first question mainly because
every time people visit from out of town all we end up doing is eating
so I'll give some different answers.

Pizza? Since Tuccis was named already...Montecinis in the Mayfair Mall is my number 2.
Burrito/Mexican? Im a sucker for The Mexican Post
Cheesesteak (vegan counts)? Giannas, duh.
Chinese? New Harmony
Other? Primos Hoagies.

8. Closing up, what do you guys have planned for the near future? Shows/records/tours/etc?

Our new LP "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God" just came out April 1st. We just got home from a six week U.S. tour in support of said record. Later this month we will be flying down to Florida for 3 shows with our friends Paint it Black. Shortly after that we will hopefully be doing 10 days in Canada with This is Hell. Then we are off to Australia/New Zealand. Then we do Sound and Fury and This is Hardcore here in Philly. After that we will be headed to Mexico, Central America and South America for a month. Come home for a day or two than leave for Japan. After Japan we have a BIG U.S. tour in the works with three of the best bands in Hardcore today. Busy Busy Busy.

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