Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Plow United - Narcolepsy

Creep Records

When I was in 7th grade, my exposure to punk rock was pretty minimal. A kid in my neighborhood had given me a mixtape with some Rancid, Minor Threat and Operation Ivy a year before, but that was where my knowledge reached its end. That changed in 7th grade when Scott McDonald played me two Plow songs from the Creep Records Who Gits the Deer? compilation. I was hooked and immediately got my hands on a copy of their first LP. It was poppy but snotty, and the songs were fun. It was different from the other punk I knew, and it was something that I fell in love with.

As Plow continued putting out full lengths, their sound progressed. Goodnight, Sellout was more mature and a bit darker. It wasn't as fun as the first record, and it was a lot less poppy. But I was happy to have another full length in my hands. When Narcolepsy came out came out, a lot of people were upset. It was heavier. Much heavier, and much angrier. From the opening cries of "Entropy, entropy, things aren't, aren't what they used to be," it was obvious that this band had changed. Of course, this record came out after they broke up, and we'll never know what would happen if they stayed at it. Luckily, they left us with this great full length to end on, and it's come to be one of my favorites from this era, and at times, it's definitely my favorite Plow United record.

The version below is a vO rip of the original press, not the cash-in reissue that Creep did a few years ago with worse sound, shittier artwork, and without paying the band anything.


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