Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Honor System - Single File

Asian Man Records

One of my bigger show-going regrets is skipping out on seeing The Honor System when they played Funrama in Philadelphia a few years ago. My girlfriend at the time and I had gone to the Philadelphia zoo that day, and she didn't feel like going to a show afterward. I sort of agreed, and we ended up heading home. In hindsight, I'm still kicking myself, since I never got another chance to see them.

This record features Dan Hanaway, formerly of the Broadways (and the "original angry guy with a beard" according to Brendan Kelly), playing a more heavy indie rock than his previous band. More technical leads and interwoven guitar parts fill the album, with Hanaway's typically socially conscious lyrics. The lyrics are really my favorite part of the album, but gruff vocals and strong intensity really make this a great listen. They have a handful of other releases, and while good, they never really grabbed me like this album did. Check it out, and if you like it, check out Dan's old band, The Broadways, and his new band, Whale | Horse.


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